Moving Checklist

woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box


  • Hire Mover
  • Write and stamp Change of Address cards for Friends/Family (you should mail these a week before the move)
  • Start purging and packing
  • Use up the food in your refrigerator/freezer/pantry so you don’t need to move it all
  • Obtain measurements for your new home – plan furniture placement
  • Take photos of your belongings (in case items are lost or damaged in the move)
  • Make sure all of your important paperwork is gathered in one place; move in the car with you the day of the move
  • Request the day of the move off of work


  • Schedule your address change with the post office: (this change can take 2 weeks – plan accordingly)
  • Make a Survival Kit of things you will need the last day in your current home/first day in your new home – move these in your car the day of the move for quick access
    – Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, soap, alarm clock/radio, few changes of clothing, toiletries, small tool kit, trash bags, scissors, medications, water, pet food/bowls; phone charger, tape, aspirin
  • If your new home doesn’t have blinds, bring a few sheets and thumbtacks so you will have privacy until you can install permanent window coverings
  • Mark all boxes with destination room for the new home
  • Notify Employer’s HR Dept, Banks, Magazines, Credit Card Cos, Cell Phone Co, Insurance Co, Catalog Cos, IRS, etc of new address
  • Mail your Change of Address cards to friends and family
  • Cancel/Reschedule Newspaper, Security Company, Pest Control, Lawn Maintenance
  • Schedule Disconnects of Utilities: Water, Electric, Home Phone, Cable
  • Fill out applications for new utilities
    • Electricity
    • Cable/Internet/Phone
    • Water
  • Ensure new home has proper garbage cans, if not order
  • Start cleaning any rooms you can empty
  • Confirm moving date/time with moving company
  • Plan for the cleaning of new/old home
  • Dispose of paint, oil, weed cleaners; remove gas out of mowers
  • Discard of propane tank from grills
  • Clean outdoor furniture


  • Finish Packing (if you are packing yourself)
  • Clean your stove/microwave
    Get Cash to tip the movers


  • Clean the refrigerator, defrost and dry
  • Finish last minute packing
  • Clean as much of the house as you can
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors


  • Transfer Water & Electric
  • Secure your pets in a closed room (or at a friend’s house) so they don’t get out during the move
  • Put your suitcase and “moving survival kit” in your car so it doesn’t accidentally get packed on the moving truck
  • Put your cell phone and keys in a safe spot so they aren’t accidentally packed
    Be prepared to move cleaning supplies in your personal car: many moving companies will not move chemicals
  • Secure important paperwork in your car – make sure it’s locked!
  • Make sure the home you are moving out of and are moving into are cleaned
  • Do a final walkthrough of your old home: closets, drawers, cabinets, garage, attic, plant ledges, mailbox
  • Have the locks on your new home changed


  • Ensure your sprinkler system is set to the correct watering days/time
  • Apply for Homestead Exemption


  • Do a trial run with your hurricane shutters to make sure you have all needed supplies