Closing Timeline

No two closings are the same, but the timeline below will give you a general idea of what to expect and when.

Contract to Title Company and Lender Effective Date of the contact (the date the contract was signed by all parties)
Earnest Money Deposited Within 3 calendar days of effective date
Additional Earnest Money Deposited Within 10 calendar days of effective date
Mortgage Loan Application Within 5 calendar days of effective date
Shop for Home Insurance After loan application complete
Floor Zone/Elevation Certificate After loan application complete (if required)
Home/Termite Inspection Complete 15 calendar days after effective date (this can vary by contract)
Repairs Complete ASAP (work with Buyer/Seller on timing depending on specific repairs needed)
Appraisal Ordered After successful inspection (ordered by lender)
Title Insurance Commitment 15 days prior to closing date if financed; 5 days prior to closing date if cash deal
Survey Ordered 10 days before closing, after successful appraisal (ordered by title company)
Closing Scheduled Coordinate with Buyer/Seller/Title/Lender
Fill out Applications for Utilities 7 days before closing
Loan Approval Received Within 30 calendar days of effective date (If loan approval period is 30 days)
Closing Disclosure 3 business days prior to closing (does not include Sun or Holidays; Sat is included)
Wire Funds to Title Company 1 day prior to closing
Walkthrough Complete Day of Closing
Sign Paperwork Day of Closing
Transfer Utilities Day of Closing