Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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For most people, listing their house for sale isn’t a spur of the moment thing. People often think about selling their house for years before ever actually selling it.

Yet, given how much time and thought people tend to give it, many people don’t do enough to prepare their house for sale (or prepare themselves for what’s to come). This often leads to people not selling their house for as much, as quickly, or as smoothly as it could have. Or at all.

Here are some tips that will help you get your house ready to sell. Please feel free to reach out to me if you’re ever in doubt about something you’re considering doing (or not doing). I’ll be glad to give you my thoughts on whatever you’re considering!

  • Leave your house – As you head back home, pay attention to what you see on the inside – and outside
  • Declutter – less really is more
  • De-smell – pet and cigarette smells are two of the biggest turnoffs when potential Buyers enter a home
  • De-personalize – it is often difficult for potential Buyers to envision themselves in the house – with their family – when they see a lot of photos (and personal belongings) of another family there
  • Make sure all lightbulbs are working – and open the blinds for all showings. Most buyers want a light and bright home
  • Repair major issues with the house
  • Be careful with renovations – potential Buyers may not have the same taste as you – that new wood floor you just installed may mean nothing to a Buyer that wants tile
  • Pay special attention to your homes curb appeal – this is a Buyer’s first impression of the home
  • Make a plan of what you will do with your pets during a showing
  • Have a solid plan of where and when you will move once your house sells
  • If you plan on buying another home, make sure you qualify for a new mortgage
  • Price your house appropriately. Nothing can delay the sale of your home more than it being overpriced