Killer Queen Featuring Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury

05/01/2019 @ 7:30 pm
Barbara B Mann
13350 FSW Parkway • Fort Myers
FL 33919

Lead singer Patrick Myers said “It’s been an amazing journey. That first show back in June 1993 changed my life. We thought our band would last maybe a summer at the most but it’s a very addictive thing performing these songs! The concerts grew and grew and we’ve ended up playing and selling out the same arenas that Queen played at their peak. It’s been quite a surreal ride. Becoming regular performers Red Rocks Arena in America is another highlight . The Beatles, U2, Springsteen, Dylan all played on that stage. It’s really got it’s own kind of magic going on there.”

2018 sees the band’s third and biggest US tour returning to Red Rocks and Austin City Limits. They are also headlining festivals across Europe and North Africa.

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